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Still Alive

Hi everyone who might care. I'm still around. I was away last week on a tiny island without a landline, never mind a computer. Even cell service was spotty and could drop just by shifting 1/2 an inch. My hubby finally took the kids and me to his little escape up in 1000 Islands. Its a wonderful place, but only if you don't mind the smell of fish and being completely surrounded by water. The island is only 3 1/2 acres with 3 guest cabins and the owner's cabin. Only way on and off is with small boats or swimming for it. I really loved it, but I have so much to catch up on now.......
Will post more later.

Secret Women's History

I am a few days late but this is so important for women to know.

March doesn't like me!

March should like me, after all I'm a March baby! But March has been really mean to me this year. First off, March came in with a fairly big snow storm. Enough snow, that we didn't have school. Not bad. But sometime during the night after the snow stopped, someone or something broke one of the side windows of my minivan. Now for most people, this would be a minor inconvenience.  You call the insurance agent, he sends you to a window glass repair shop, you pay the deductible and life goes on. But not with my van. Nope, I have to have a very rare customized minivan. The company that did the original work, went out of business 10 years ago, so they are no help. And it seems no one else now carries the windows. So until my body shop can track down a window, I'm driving around with a taped up window.
 Second, the gas company decided that the connections from the mains to each house had to be replaced. So for the first two weeks I've had to listen to non stop noise from jack hammers and back hoes. Not fun, not even including having to move my van every day to a different spot. Plus the day they did my house. They were traipsing in and out of my house for 3 hours. And then I had to let them into my brother's house. Wasted an entire day with them.  They are mostly done with my street. But they have to come back in a week or two to repair the damage to the grass.
 Then on Thursday evening, my hubby went to pick up a log. It had a thin branch attached that was stuck under another log. When he picked up the log, the branch whipped up and hit him in the eye. It messed up his eye pretty bad. We ended up spending 3 hours in an emergency clinic on friday morning. Thankfully the pupil was fine, but he had to wear a patch for two days and wasn't allowed to drive. His eye is still watery and light sensitive, but he says it doesn't hurt any more.
 Please, March, ease up and let the next 2 weeks go smoothly!


Beading for a Cure

Hi Everyone!
Just wanted to let everyone know that this year's auctions are about to begin. Its a wonderful charity that both raises money for colon cancer research and challenges bead artists to new heights.  Some of the artists involved are known internationally, having written bead patternbooks and appeared on TV craft shows. Their work can sell for hundreds of dollars, yet at this auction they can be had for much less.  All monies raised go to charity, other then the cost of operating the website and whatever eBay costs, there are no salaries or expense accounts.
 At the website there is a slide show of all of this year's projects as well as galleries of all the previous years. I'm very proud to say that I've taken part in all but the very first auction.
 My project goes up the week of my birthday, so I'm hoping that everyone bids on it!


BTW, if you would be so kind as to spread the word! We'd be very thankful!

Fic--You Have a Time Machine, Don't You?

 Nope, don't have any rights to DR Who or any of the BBC characters, but this silly story got stuck in my head and I had to share.
Takes place about a month after Bad Wolf Bay.


Songfic- March Challenge

OK, Jessa L'Rynn posted a challenge over on FanFiction and this song was playing as I read the directions. It seemed to fit the Doctor, just as much as the actual character it was written for.
 Anywho, the usual bit. Dr Who and this mystery song don't belong to me. They belong to a bunch of people who speak english all funny like. You know how you have to put on closed captioning to understand them, funny. LOL


why he doesn't shag

Ok, this little thought keeps going around and around in my head. The doctor has never shagged any humans to my knowledge. Not Sarah Jane, not Rose (who you'd think he would have) not Martha and not Jack (well just in case he swings that way).

Layne's Legacy- BFAC

 Layne's Legacy -- Beading for a Cure

Beki managed to update the site with this year's pictures even though she has a broken wing. There's still some glitches but you can back in around some of them. For instance to see this year's gallery I had to click on 07 for the tool bar to show 08.  Either way, enjoy this year's crop of amazing beadwork done by my beading sisters (and one or two brothers).
 And if you really like something, it'll go up for auction in March on eBay. All proceeds go for colon cancer research.

gotta love my dvr

This week I subbed every day. That's five long days spent away from my tv and computer. I don't know how I survived,LOL. Last Monday was a marathon of Dr Who on the SciFi channel. I am extremely happy to know that at least my DVR worked correctly and recorded each wonderful episode. Its something to tide me over until the Torchwood and Dr Who seasons start up on BBCAmerica in a few weeks. Sadly the other humanoids that dwell in this house are complaining that Dr Who is taking up too many of the limited hours alloted to our DVR. So I have to watch and delete....... (loud weeping heard off stage) Oh well, I guess they do have a point. But I'm getting my revenge. I'm deleting all Pokemon, SpongeBob and anything where the main character is under 21. HA! Make me delete my Doctor will they? 
 But on a positive side of subbing, I brought my notebook along and during my lunch breaks and when the monsters, err children were in gym/music/library I managed to add several pages to my never to be published Dr Who story. Maybe if I have to sub next week I'll get even more done.
subbing: slang term for substitute teaching aka risking life and limb so the classroom teacher can escape for the day


 Frustration. Don't know why or what, but just an overall feeling of frustration. 
At least I have been a good girl and been writing a bit. Its never going to be worth showing to anyone. But the whole point is to write it for me. If I can get it done,  then maybe I can write one for other people to see. 
 But now I need to go find some 10fluff fic. Or is that 10fic fluff or fluff 10fic or.... yikes. 
Anywho, yes I really do say anywho and have said it long before I discovered the world of the Dr. I have a neat  (although perhaps graphic) idea on why the Dr has never shagged (God I love that word! Brits have the funniest expressions) Rose or any of his other companions. Has to do with evolution and compatibility. Time Lords can't mate with other species, heck they can barely manage to mate with other Time Lords. That's all I'm saying on that matter for now. Eventually I hope to write a story on how the Dr conquers this, or rather someone decides to conquer this problem and the Dr gets to benefit from the solution (hehe insane laughter)
Night all

Happy New Year's

Today is New Year's Eve. I've spent the day doing basically nothing. I finally got to the post office and mailed my sister in law her Christmas presents. I made her a really cool wall hanging to commemorate her trip to Ireland. It's a celtic knot pattern done in flat peyote stitch. I used both matte beads and glossy ones to give the illusion that the thing was an old carved piece of stone. Then I surfaced embellished it with beads that looked like it was covered in vines and then hid amongst the leaves a couple of Celtic inspired charms. I enclosed a bit of a poem to explain the wall hanging. "Imagine a foggy morn on the moors. You trip on a piece of ancient rock, covered in vines..... and nestled among the vines is one of the wee fairy folk." Yes, naturally hidden in the vines I put a fairy. I hope and pray that she realizes how much work went into the piece.  It probably took me a good 40 hours to complete. 
 Sadly I feel I have to make another, as I have a celtic crazy friend that it would be absolutely perfect for.
  Ahh, I hear fireworks. It's almost midnight. Time to go kiss my man.

new here

Ok, here goes,
I'm making my very first post. Must admit to being extremely intimidated.
First off, I'm not sure what I should say. Hello? Guess that's as good a start as any. So here it is
I'm Capemaynuts aka the Beading Mouse
I have several passions but only one true obsession..... I MUST HAVE MY BEADS!
Ok, I don't think I'd ever kill someone over my beads, definitely wouldn't steal, but I will get extremely cranky if I haven't had at least 8 good hours in a week to create something magic out of those teeny tiny pieces of glass. I guess I'd better explain, I'm not talking about stringing up a few necklaces or earrings..... Nope I create seed bead artwork. LOL I use the very tiniest of beads to create art. I stitch one bead to another in a technique called peyote stitch and make some pretty cool stuff. Funny thing, most of what I finish ends up being given away. And I'm well known for giving beads away. Guess I'm obsessed with the need to create with beads more then anything else.
Now onto some of my passions. I am a fan of Gerard Butler's work. To clarify that, I have absolutely no interest in ever meeting the man. I don't care if he's straight or gay. I don't care who he's dating or where he is at the moment. But I am interested in when his movies will be opening and hoping that they will be movies I will enjoy watching. Ok and I love collecting pictures of him for that all important eye candy. Gotta have inspiration for my mind movies.
Mind movies, hmm I must have heard that term somewhere but it so fits. I create story lines plots that use my favorite actors as characters. Sometimes I have several story lines running around in my head at one time. And sometimes an actor can play both himself and one of his roles or a completely made up character. My dear friend Ashley Kath-Bilsky has been on my case about writing these mind movies down. I guess I should try. Ashley is a published author, so she might know a thing or two about writing. (She wrote "The Sense of Honor" a really good read!) So don't be surprised if as I get more comfortable, I might start posting story lines.
Speaking of storylines, I currently have several going around in my head involving a certain handsome Scot other then GB. In fact he's how I ended up joining up here on LJ. David Tennant is the star of at least 3 stories that have played in my head today. I absolutely adore him. I've watched several programs with him on YouTube and he always leaves me smiling...... even when he's the bad guy. LOL
Ok, that's it for tonight. I'm thinking that's not bad for an introduction. Besides. its 12:30 at night here and I still have a ton of emails and fan fic to read.
Night all!